60 Minutes

Excerpt 6 : A Warning

Excerpt 6  : A Warning

To recap the story to this point, Ed Diamond, one of America’s best-known reporters, receives an urgent call to come to Israel from an old friend, Dov Ben-David, former deputy director of Israel's Mossad. Dov has alarming news, he says, concerning the U.S. and Israel.

Diamond flies to Israel, but before they can meet, Ed’s friend is blown apart by a car bomb.   

The next day, Ed mingles with hundreds of prominent Israelis attending  Dov’s funeral at the kibbutz of Ein Gedi, by the Dead Sea. He is stunned when Dov’s widow, Esther, accuses Ed of being responsible for her husband’s murder. To find out what’s behind that accusation, after the funeral Ed joins other mourners at Esther’s home.  


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Excerpt 1 (Prologue)

Excerpt 1 (Prologue)

To whet your interest, I  am posting excerpts of "The Watchman's File."

Those of you unable to wait for the next nail-biting episode, can go to Amazon or Kindle and buy the book either as paperback or e-book. (out in  a couple of weeks). I hope you enjoy the read:



Kowalski couldn’t believe his luck. An intelligence coup for the history books!

The next morning in Stockholm, he passed the unprocessed microfilm and the wire recording, along with a coded report, to the courier. Then he walked back toward the Karl XII Hotel


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