Barry Lando's explosive new novel about Israel's most closely guarded secret. (It's not the bomb).      

“Ed, look. Something has happened. It’s about your country and mine. It’s serious—believe me. You’ve got to come!"

Ed Diamond, investigative reporter for “Focus”, America's preeminent TV news show, is summoned urgently to Israel by an old friend, Dov Kaufman, formerly a top official of Israel's Mossad. But before they can meet, a terrorist bomb blows Kaufman apart.

Determined to discover why Kaufman was killed, Diamond must first unravel the clandestine links between America’s greatest corporations and the Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler. He himself becomes himself pitted against one of America's most powerful families, and a fanatical group of right-wing Israelis, ruthless They will kill to protect a World War II intelligence scoop that has become Israel's most potent weapon-and most closely guarded secret, "The Watchman's File."

The novel draws on Lando's  25 years of experience with 60 Minutes, reporting from Israel and around the world.  

I’ve been gratified by the response of leading professionals in the international media who have been first readers.

Not since John Le Carre's 'Little Drummer Girlhas there been such a nail-bitingly suspenseful novel about the Middle East.  Only a veteran investigative reporter with Lando’s intimate knowledge of the US and Israel could have written ‘The Watchman’s File,’ which is rooted in historic precedent and is frighteningly credible.” 

Lara Marlowe, correspondent for The Irish Times

“…a spellbinding tale of intrigue…While the characters and plot may be imaginary, Lando’s description of the political and journalistic worlds they inhabit is devastatingly accurate.  If you have one book to read at the beach this summer, this should be the one.”

            Jim Bittermann, CNN Senior Correspondent, Paris

“…a political thriller with real immediacy: meaty and gripping, full of surprises and atmosphere. It is set to rival Daniel Silva’s tales about Gabriel Allon’s exploits.

         Dusko Doder. Author of “The Firebird Affair”