Praise for “Deep Strike”

--With his latest novel, Deep Strike, former CBS “60 Minutes” producer Barry Lando once again demonstrates his mastery of intrigue and spy-craft.   What¹s more--Lando¹s electric story of a nation at risk, crackles off the page with the energy and currency of the morning headlines. His fiction clearly demonstrates the very real challenges to Western democracy and the very fragile nature of the thread by which it hangs.

Jim Bittermann, CNN Senior Correspondent Paris

--I couldn’t put it down. Barry Lando has transformed today’s startling headlines into a thrilling fictional read. Loved it

Ali Velshi, Anchor MSNBC

 “Deep Strike” is a sinister, suspense-filled tale of sex and love, violence and vengeance, which nonetheless manages to be optimistic. Anyone who was appalled by Donald Trump’s election should read this novel.

Lara Marlowe, Irish Times

-Barry Lando’s assassins, informants and CIA agents inhabit a dark landscape.  This is a story etched in the brutality of their world—and our’s. Don’t miss it. 

Dave Turecamo,  Producer, CBS News Sunday Morning

--The White House, Russia, CIA, Twitter, Secret Bank Accounts.  If you thought fiction could not compete with political reality--think again."  

Timothy Ryback, Journalist, Historian “Hitler’s First Victims”