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Deep Strike
By Barry Lando

Barry M. Lando, former 60 Minute Producer, author of "Web of  Deceit, the history of foreign intervention in Iraq from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush", and two novels, "The Watchman's File," and "Deep Strike", a tale of Russian Hackers, rogue CIA agents and an American President. 

With his latest novel, Deep Strike, former CBS “60 Minutes” producer Barry Lando once again demonstrates his mastery of intrigue and spy-craft. What¹s more—Lando’s electric story of a nation at risk, crackles off the page with the energy and currency of the morning headlines.
— Jim Bittermann, CNN Senior Correspondent Paris

Here you will find links to Lando's books, his blogs on current affairs, as well as a documentary he produced on the West's complicity with Saddam Hussein.