Saudi Arabia backing Israel's Mossad? A Saudi view


I’ve been blogging about the surreal and bourgeoning relationship in the Middle East between the Saudis and the Israelis. One aspect of that alliance may include the Saudis helping to finance Israel’s clandestine attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, including the Mossad’s assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. I want to share the reply of a good Saudi friend (I’ll call him Kamal) to my latest blog:

 Dear Barry,

I am sorry I did not comment on this post when you sent it to me. I was still in Saudi, and believe me when I say that now I am afraid to comment on these issues for the government monitors electronic communications and the new draconian internet laws treat any critic to the Saudi policies as a terrorist, except of course the real terrorists who are treated 'humanely'.

To the point you explored in your post about a year ago, I am not surprised. I think we are now facing a new political map in the Middle East, Israel, Saudi, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, and possibly Jordan, against Iran, Qatar,Oman and Iraq The Gulf Cooperation Council is crumbling now and the new deal with Iran along with the Crimea fiasco will strengthen the pro Iran forces in Syria. 

The tragic part of the story is that the Arab spring that carried so much hope for positive change and was fiercely opposed by Saudi, is now being manipulated by Saudi and the UAE. They are leading the counter-revolution.

Of course the ruling families only care for their families' interests and will not hesitate to use the vast wealth and influence they accumulated to push back strong against people's wishes for freedom and dignity. 

That of course, Barry as you know, will only lead to more desperation and hopelessness.

 I am not very optimistic. I find myself so opposed to the Islamists and their savage war in Syria, who are supported by Saudi, that I secretly hope the savage Syrian regime wins. For one reason, I think religiously driven regimes are more dangerous than any other. There maybe hope for the secular Syrian regime to moderate but no hope for the Islamists should they control Syria.

I guess we live and learn, my friend.


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